.04 Preinstallation Inspections and Tests.

A. Authorization by Commission. A meter may be installed for use for revenue-billing purposes if it meets the following conditions:

(1) Approved Type. Its type and design meet the requirements of COMAR

(2) Accuracy. The registration of the meter is within the tolerances specified in Regulation .03 of this chapter. A representative of the Commission will check the condition of meters in the meter shop of the utility from time to time by testing random samples of meters ready for installation.

B. Test Required. Each meter and associated metering device shall be inspected and tested in the meter shop of the utility, or sample tested by the utility if 100 percent tested by the manufacturer, before being placed in service, except for instrument transformers tested in accordance with Regulation .03E(3) of this chapter.

C. Reinstallation. When a meter is removed from service, it shall be adjusted if necessary in order to conform to the accuracy tolerances specified in Regulation .03 of this chapter before being placed in service again. However, it may be retired without test or returned to service without being tested if it is covered by an in-service sample or periodic test plan.