.09 Interruption of Service.

A. Each utility shall take appropriate measures to assure that service interruptions shall be kept to a minimum.

B. Each utility shall make provisions to meet emergencies resulting from failure of power, sudden and prolonged increases in traffic, absences of employees, or from fire, storm, or similar contingencies. The utility shall inform its employees as to procedures to be followed in the event of these contingencies in order to prevent or mitigate interruption or impairment of service.

C. Each central office equipped with an emergency generator shall contain, as a minimum, 4 hours of battery reserve based on the busy hour load. Offices not so equipped shall contain, as a minimum, 8 hours of battery reserve based on the busy hour load and shall have access to a portable generator capable of providing power in the event of power failure.

D. Outside facilities shall be so constructed as to be minimally susceptible to interruptions due to weather conditions.

E. If service must be interrupted for the purpose of working on the lines or equipment, reasonable effort shall be made to perform the work at a time which shall cause minimal inconvenience to subscribers. When the interruption will be of a significant duration, the affected customers shall be notified and emergency services shall be available, as required, for the duration of the interruption.

F. Each telephone utility shall inform the Commission, as soon as possible, of any occurrence of an unusual nature which apparently may result in prolonged and serious interruption of service to a large number of customers.

G. Each utility shall keep records of interruptions of service and shall make an analysis of the records for the purpose of determining steps to be taken to prevent recurrence of the interruptions. These records should include the following information concerning the interruptions:

(1) Cause;

(2) Date and time; and

(3) Duration.

H. The records for each unattended central office shall show interruptions which required attention to restore service, with the estimated time of interruption.

I. Repair service shall be available daily, including Sunday, to all customers in the case of a service interruption to any main station telephone, consistent with the personal safety of utility personnel.

J. Service shall be maintained in such a manner as is required to assure that the rate of customer trouble reports in a district service center is no greater than 8.0 per 100 stations per month.

K. Allowance for Interruptions. If the service is interrupted, appropriate action shall be taken to the extent possible to restore service within 24 hours following notification by the customer. Appropriate adjustment or refunds shall be made for a telephone out of service longer than 24 hours, per utility's tariff.