.01 General Provisions.

Each utility shall provide telephone service to the public in its service area in accordance with its tariffs on file with the Commission. The quality of the service shall meet or exceed the standards set forth in these regulations. When a utility fails to meet any of the standard service levels listed below in an exchange or reporting entity in any month, the service data for the standard not met in that exchange shall be reported to the Commission:

A. Each utility shall provide operator-assisted service for all exchanges at all hours.

B. In each exchange area, the utility shall provide at least one coin telephone available to the public at all hours. This coin telephone shall be prominently located and shall be properly maintained, equipped with dialing instructions and a directory, and lighted at night. The utility shall also establish other public telephone service at locations where the public convenience will be served.

C. Each utility shall provide equipment and facilities designed and engineered in accordance with realistic forecasts of subscriber demand and shall maintain a stock of associated equipment adequate to meet the demand.