.11 Directory.

A. Alphabetical directories shall generally be made available, listing the name, address, and telephone number of each customer, except public telephones and numbers unlisted at the customer's request.

B. Upon request from the customer, the utility shall provide each customer, free of charge, a copy of the printed directory or directories covering his area.

C. The name of the utility, the area included in the directory, and the month and year of issue shall appear on the cover.

D. Information pertaining to emergency calls to such agencies as police and fire departments shall appear conspicuously in the opening pages of the directory.

E. Instructions concerning the placing of local and long distance calls, repair service calls, and information on directory assistance calls shall appear conspicuously in the opening pages of the directory. Typical rates shall also be shown.

F. The introductory pages of the directory shall include information with regard to billing procedure, anonymous and annoyance call procedure, emergency calling procedure for party lines, and a notice as to where the utility's tariffs are available for public inspection.

G. The opening pages of the directory shall include a notice advising customers that, should they need any information that cannot be furnished by the utility, they may refer their questions to the Public Service Commission, with appropriate address and telephone number for the agency.

H. "Directory assistance" or information operators shall be provided with records of all directory listings (except those not published) for their service areas and intercept operators shall be provided with complete intercept records for their areas of service.

I. In the event of an error in a number published in the directory, the utility shall intercept all calls to the published number for the life of the directory provided that the number is not already in service. If the published number is in service, the party served by it shall be given appropriate transfer information and also the opportunity for a number change, in the event of which the published number shall be placed on intercept for 1 year or the life of the directory involved, whichever is longer.

J. Within 48 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) of a number change, directory assistance and information operator records shall be updated as required to reflect the changes. Whenever possible, intercept records should should reflect the change in advance of the actual number change.