.09 Held Applications.

A. When the telephone utilities may not be able to supply initial telephone service to an applicant within 5 days or provide special communications service in 14 days or upgrade existing customers within 30 days after the date the applicant desires service, the utility shall inform the applicant by telephone, personal contact, or in writing to the extent practical as to the following:

(1) The reason for the delay;

(2) A possible interim grade or type of service or number of lines that are available;

(3) The steps being taken by the utility to make service available;

(4) The probable date on which service will be provided.

B. When a previously given probable date for service cannot be met by the utility, the applicant shall further be advised by telephone, personal contact, or in writing to the extent practical by the utility as to the information set forth in §A, above.

C. When a utility is unable to supply telephone service as requested by an applicant, the utility shall have available information showing the serving Central Office, the name and address of each applicant for service, the date of application, the class of service applied for, and the reason for the inability to provide service. The information shall also include a statement of plans to provide service, including a probable date when it will be provided. Information shall be maintained regarding correspondence and telephone or personal contacts with the customer concerning the inability to meet the customer's request.

D. When, because of a shortage of facilities, or for other reasons, a utility is unable to supply local exchange main telephone service on normally offered dates or later dates requested by or acceptable to the applicant, first priority shall be given to furnishing those services which are essential to public health and safety. In cases of prolonged shortage or other emergency, the Commission may request the establishment of a priority plan subject to its approval for clearing held orders, and may request periodic reports concerning the progress being made.