.02 Business Office.

A. The business offices shall be so located and staffed that customers and the public shall have convenient access to qualified personnel, including supervisory personnel where warranted, to answer questions relating to services and rates, accept and process applications for service, explain charges on customers' bills, adjust charges made in error, and, in general, represent the utility to the customer.

B. When one business office serves several communities, toll-free calling to the business office from the communities shall be provided. By means of directory information or assistance, signs on company buildings and property, newspaper advertising, or other methods necessary, the utility shall keep its customers and the public advised as to means of contacting the business office.

C. Business office services shall be available to the customers and the public during the normal hours of the normal work week, excluding holidays and at such other times as may be warranted by by circumstances.

D. It shall be the responsibility of the utility to insure that qualified personnel, instructed to be courteous, considerate, and efficient, are available to promptly serve those who contact the business office.

E. The utility shall inform the customer of any service connection charge to be applied to his bill and the monthly charge for the service ordered, with the exception of business customers not requiring this information, before undertaking any action to furnish the service ordered. To customers inquiring about new service, the utility shall provide any information and assistance necessary to obtain service conforming to the customer's needs.