.03 General Reporting Procedures.

A. Reporting Schedules. The reports listed in the schedule below are to be filed in accordance with the indicated regulation and at the indicated time:

Month Due Feb. May Aug. Nov.
For period 4th Qtr. 1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr.
Customer relations, per COMAR 20.45.04 X X X X
Installation service, per COMAR X X X X
Operator services, per COMAR X X X X
Dial services, per COMAR X X X X
Transmission measurements, per COMAR None None None None
Maintenance service, per COMAR X X X X
Coin service measurements, per COMAR 20.45.06 X X X X
Planning data,* per COMAR X X None X
—————— *Planning data, which is submitted on a yearly basis in April, August, and December, will be provided with the quarterly reports due in May, November, and February, respectively.

B. Reporting Format.

(1) Reports shall be on a corporate basis only and a product of normal company measurement techniques. Each item to be reported will be listed on a separate line under the appropriate heading as shown above. Further categorization under these headings may be desirable for simplification reasons. Basically all data shall be shown as follows:

(a) Planning Data. All data will be on a corporate area basis only.

Column 1 — Averages for the 3 years preceding the program years

Column 2 — Estimates or actuals for the first program year

Column 3 — Estimates for the second program year

Column 2 — Estimates for the third program year

(b) Basic and Support Service Results Data.

Column 1 — Objective Ranges

Column 2 — Utility Performance

Column 3 — Failure to meet minimum standards, showing name and performance

Column 4 — Reference paragraph number to narrative statement (when applicable)

(2) When a failure to meet minimum standards is reported, a supplemental narrative statement shall be prepared briefly describing the cause and expected duration of the service problem and service improvement plans in effect. Each narrative statement will be numbered for reference to the basic report.