.07 Cost Allocation Manual (CAM).

A. This regulation does not apply to a utility that does not have a core or non-core service affiliate.

B. Any time a utility files a general rate case, a utility shall file its CAM with the Commission.

(2) A utility shall file with the Commission any change to a CAM policy that allocates or assigns cost, within 30 days of the effective date of the change.

(3) A utility filing required under §B(2) of this regulation shall include a detailed narrative that describes and justifies each change including a showing of the estimated impact of the change.

(4) A CAM shall contain the:

(a) Corporate organization chart;

(b) Officers of the parent or holding company, the utility, and the service company, as applicable;

(c) Complete description of the types of all costs shared with an affiliate; and

(d) Methodology and procedure used to allocate costs.