.03 Required Utility Conduct.

A. Information.

(1) If a customer requests information about a competitive core service and the utility responds by identifying licensed electricity or gas suppliers, the utility shall provide the names of all licensed electricity or gas suppliers of core services operating within its Maryland service territory in a nonpreferential manner.

(2) A utility may not promote its core service affiliate when responding to a customer request for information.

B. Service Requests. A utility shall process all requests for service by a licensed electricity or gas supplier in the same nonpreferential manner and within the same period of time as it processes similar requests for service from its core service affiliate.

C. Electricity and Gas Suppliers. When providing utility service, a utility shall treat a licensed electricity or gas supplier and their customers in the same manner as the utility treats its core service affiliate or its core service affiliate's customers.

D. Public Disclosure.

(1) Except as provided in §D(3) of this regulation, a utility shall contemporaneously disclose to all licensed retail electricity or gas suppliers on its system all information it provides to a retail electricity or gas supplier about:

(a) Its system;

(b) The marketing or sale of energy to a customer or potential customer; or

(c) The delivery of energy to or on its system.

(2) A utility shall comply with the requirements of §D(1) of this regulation by posting information:

(a) On its electronic bulletin board;

(b) On its web site; or

(c) In any commercially reasonable and nonpreferential manner.

(3) A utility may share the following information without making the disclosure required in §D(1) of this regulation:

(a) Information relating to the administration of a contract to supply standard offer service, or default energy service, or to carry out an interconnection agreement;

(b) Information to a supplier as necessary for the supplier to bill or provide services to its customers; or

(c) Information with its associated holding company to the extent necessary to comply with federal and State laws and regulations.