.03 Inquiry to Utility.

A. A customer shall initially submit any inquiry or dispute directly to a utility, supplier, or a subscriber organization for resolution.

B. A utility, supplier, or subscriber organization shall investigate a customer dispute or inquiry, and propose a resolution of the dispute to the customer or report its findings to the customer. In responding to a customer inquiry about price and service, a utility may provide information about its SOS and Sales service rates and may refer the customer to the website of the Commission or the Office of People’s Counsel for additional information.

C. If a utility determines that its actions with regard to the dispute or inquiry are consistent with Public Utilities Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, COMAR Title 20, orders of the Commission, and its own tariffs, the utility shall notify the customer and may:

(1) Require full payment of the bill; or

(2) Begin termination proceedings under COMAR 20.31.

D. A utility may not terminate a customer's service before complying with §§B, C, and G of this regulation.

E. A utility may terminate a customer's service under COMAR while resolution or disposition of a dispute or inquiry is pending.

F. A utility may require a customer to pay the undisputed portion of a bill while resolution or disposition of a dispute or inquiry is pending.

G. If a customer disputes a utility's determination, the utility shall inform the customer of the right to submit an inquiry to the Commission under Regulation .04 of this chapter, and shall provide the address and telephone number of CAD.