.01 Scope and Applicability.

A. This chapter applies to all electric utilities, gas utilities, and combination electric and gas utilities, as defined in this subtitle, under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission.

B. This chapter governs terminations and reconnections of electric service, gas service, or both, for residential customers qualifying for the Utility Service Protection Program.

C. Upon good cause shown, the Commission may authorize a municipally owned electric utility, a municipally owned electric and gas utility, or an electric or gas utility with fewer than 5,000 customers to establish instead of the Utility Service Protection Program another program designed to safeguard MEAP customers from termination of service during the heating season. In order to obtain this authorization, the utility shall show to the satisfaction of the Commission that implementation of the USPP will be unduly burdensome for the utility and that the alternative program provides adequate and appropriate safeguards to MEAP customers.