.02 Restrictions for Elderly or Handicapped Individuals.

A. Upon receiving notice from the customer that he or an occupant of the premises to which the service is going to be terminated is an elderly or handicapped individual, a utility may terminate service to that premises only in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.

B. Between the date the notice of termination is mailed to the customer and the date on or after which service is to be terminated, the utility shall, at a minimum, attempt to make personal contact with the customer on two separate occasions, each of which shall occur on a separate day.

C. The utility's attempt to make personal contact with the customer shall be by either:

(1) Telephoning the customer during business hours, or, if no one is home, during the evening after 6 p.m.; or

(2) Visiting the premises and leaving a copy of the notice of termination with the customer or a responsible person 18 years old or older at the premises, or if no one is at home, leaving a copy of the notice at the premises.

D. The utility shall document each attempt to make personal contact under this regulation.

E. If personal contact is made, the utility shall inform the customer of possible sources of financial assistance and of the availability of alternate payment plans offered by the utility.