.07 User Without Account.

A. For purposes of this regulation, a “user without account” is a person or persons in possession of a residential property that is using regulated utility service without an active account and is not subject to termination under Regulation .03 of this chapter.

B. A utility may not terminate service to a user without account without adhering to this regulation.

C. Upon discovering a user without account, a utility shall provide written notice to the occupants at the residential property:

(1) Not less than 3 days prior to service termination; or

(2) By mail not less than 7 days prior to service termination.

D. Notice required by §C of this regulation shall include, at a minimum, the following:

(1) The utility’s name and phone number;

(2) A statement that the notice is a shut-off notice;

(3) The address to which the notice applies;

(4) A statement that the company is aware that service is being used from the address without an open account;

(5) An invitation to apply for service as soon as possible; and

(6) The date by which an application for service must be submitted to avoid service termination.