.03 Terminations Without Notice.

A. A utility may terminate service without notice for any of the following reasons:

(1) A condition on the premises determined by the utility to be hazardous;

(2) The use of equipment in such a manner as to affect adversely the utility's equipment or the utility's service to others;

(3) Tampering with equipment furnished and owned by the utility; or

(4) Unauthorized use of service by any method, including diversion of gas or electricity around a meter.

B. Records.

(1) Each utility shall maintain, for not less than 3 years, records that set forth the basis for its decision to terminate service under this regulation.

(2) Starting January 1, 2017, each utility shall submit to the Commission the address where service has been terminated for unauthorized use or tampering with equipment furnished and owned by the utility.The submission shall be made within one business day following the termination.

(3) Upon request, a local government shall have access to the information submitted to the Commission under §B(2) of this regulation, on the condition that the information shall be:

(a) Used for the purpose of protecting the life, health, or safety of an individual occupying the premises where service has been terminated;

(b Safeguarded to protect the privacy of an individual; and

(c) Destroyed by the local government within 30 days of its receipt.

C. Each utility that has terminated service for unauthorized use or tampering with equipment furnished and owned by the utility shall provide notice of the termination:

(1) In a visible location at the premises;

(2) With an occupant at the premises if safety permits; or

(3) In a situation where the utility representative on site determines that the situation is unsafe, the utility may provide a notice to the occupant by mail and by telephone or email to the customer if there is an active account.

D. Notices required by the regulations shall include, at a minimum, the following:

(1) Contact information for utility representatives that can explain the reason for the termination;

(2) Safety notices regarding the use of portable generators, independent lighting and heating sources, and any other safety information;

(3) Contact information for the Office of Home Energy Programs; and

(4) A general statement that theft of electricity or natural gas service is unlawful under Criminal Law Article, §§6-303 and 6-304, Annotated Code of Maryland.

E. Each utility shall file its form of notice required in §D of this regulation to the Commission for approval.

F. Each utility shall track the manner in which notice is provided under §C of this regulation.

G. Utilities shall file annual reports regarding terminations under this regulation in a manner and format prescribed by the Commission.