.06 Termination Policy Statement.

A. Each utility shall include a termination policy statement as a separately identified part of the Customer Rights Pamphlet required by COMAR 20.30.04 Customers' Rights Pamphlet.

B. This statement shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) The permissible grounds for termination of service;

(2) A statement of the procedures for terminating and reconnecting a customer's service;

(3) A statement that the customer may designate a third party to receive termination notices;

(4) A statement that the customer may notify the utility if the customer or an occupant of the customer's residence is elderly, is handicapped, is seriously ill, relies upon life-support equipment, or has any existing condition for which a termination of service would be a threat to life, health, or safety.

(5) A statement of the customer's rights and remedies in termination proceedings, which shall include the information required by Regulation .06 Text of Notices of Termination under COMAR 20.31.02 Terminations;

(6) A statement that alternate payment plans are offered by the utility; and

(7) A statement describing the Utility Service Protection Program under COMAR 20.31.05.