.03 Customer Responsibilities.

A. Upon receiving a notice of termination, any customer may notify the utility either before the date on which the termination is scheduled or within 14 days of receiving the notice, whichever occurs first, that he or an occupant of the premises is elderly, handicapped, seriously ill, or relies upon life-support equipment. The customer shall obtain any necessary certification of status and shall inform the utility of this occupant's name and address, if different than the customer's, to prevent termination of service.

B. Notice to the utility includes sending to the utility a written statement of the status of the individual and sending to the utility the required certifications not later than the scheduled date of termination of service.

C. A customer who wishes to dispute the reasons for termination of his service or to dispute his bill shall first contact the utility and shall make every effort to resolve the dispute with the utility before contacting the Commission.

D. Customer Responsibility for Bills.

(1) A customer shall be responsible for all past-due, current, and future bills for service provided to the customer.

(2) A customer's failure to comply with the provisions of this subtitle may subject that customer to termination action by the utility.