.01 Applicability.

A. This subtitle applies to all electric utilities, gas utilities, and combination electric and gas utilities, as defined in this subtitle, under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission.

B. COMAR 20.31.02, 20.31.03, and 20.32.01 govern all terminations of electric service, gas service, or both, as the case may be, where the service, in whole or in part, is for use in a dwelling unit or units, except for those terminations governed by COMAR 20.31.05.

C. If unreasonable hardship to a utility or to a customer results from the application of any of the regulations of this subtitle, applications may be made by the affected person to the Commission for the modification of the regulation or regulations or for a temporary or permanent exemption from its requirements.

D. This subtitle does not relieve any utility to which it applies of any of its duties under the laws and regulations of Maryland or the United States.

E. This subtitle is not intended to discourage utilities from working with local, State, or federal agencies to create or implement energy assistance programs.

F. All references to the masculine gender in this subtitle include the feminine gender.

G. All references to "days" in this subtitle refer to calendar days unless otherwise specified.