.02 Contents of Pamphlet.

The pamphlet shall contain, at a minimum, a statement or description of the following information:

A. Service application procedures including a provision permitting more than one individual in a dwelling unit to request classification as a customer and to be listed on the service account;

B. Billing procedures, including the late payment charges;

C. Methods for customers to verify billing accuracy;

D. Explanation of the utility's fuel adjustment clause, or purchased gas clause, or both;

E. Explanation of seasonal rate differentials;

F. Customer payment policies, including a general summary of alternate payment plans and the Winter Heating Protection Program;

G. Security deposit policies;

H. The Termination Policy Statement as set forth in COMAR;

I. Inquiry, service, and complaint procedures;

J. Information on the Maryland Energy Assistance Program and on access to other programs to assist low-income customers;

K. Other pertinent information including the telephone number of the Office of External Relations;

L. Information on the utility's bill extender plan;

M. The residential rate schedules available; and

N. For electric utilities and combination electric and gas utilities only:

(1) A summary of the reports required by COMAR, including explanations of the reliability indices; and

(2) Instructions for how customers can request reliability indices for their electric service.