.05 Procedure for Handling Occupant Complaints.

If an occupant contacts the owner concerning the correctness of the energy costs billed to an occupant:

A. The owner shall provide to the occupant a complaint form available from the Commission and request the occupant to complete the form;

B. The owner shall provide the occupant with the name and address of the apartment house manager or other person who will receive the completed complaint form;

C. The owner shall provide the occupant with written confirmation from the vendor within 15 business days of receiving a written complaint from an occupant that the bill does not contain a clerical, mathematical, or computational error;

D. If the bill in question does not contain an error described in §C, the owner shall inspect the energy allocation equipment and the dwelling unit of the occupant;

E. The owner shall provide the occupant with a copy of the written results of the inspections conducted pursuant to the requirement in §D, prepared on forms available from the Commission, within 30 days of the receipt of the complaint;

F. The failure of the occupant to complete the occupant complaint form does not relieve the owner of the requirements of this section;

G. The owner shall also provide to the occupant in writing, along with the written reports required under §E, what, if any, remedial actions have been or will be taken.