.06 Records.

A. Billing Records.

(1) All records associated with the computation of charges rendered to occupants for electric or gas service shall be retained for a minimum period of 2 years.

(2) The owner shall maintain and make available for inspection by the occupant, upon request, the following records:

(a) The bills from the utility to the owner for the current month and the 24 preceding months;

(b) The calculation of the average cost of electricity or gas for the current month and the 24 preceding months; and

(c) The occupant's submeter readings and billings for the current month and the 24 preceding months.

B. Submeter Records.

(1) The owner shall maintain a record of all submeters, showing the submeter number and its location.

(2) All submeter accuracy tests shall be recorded. The record of each test shall show the identifying number of the submeter, the standard number, the date and kind of test made, by whom (including address), the accuracy at each electric load or gas flow rate tested, and sufficient data to permit verification of calculations. Records of test results of the submeter serving a unit shall be made available to the occupant of the unit upon request.

C. Commission Inspection. The complaint agency and the Commission shall have the right to inspect the records of the owner during reasonable business hours.