.03 Owners' Requirements.

A. Right to Install Equipment. The owner has the right to install all necessary submetering equipment and wiring on the property occupied by the occupant in accordance with these regulations and with any other applicable national, State, or local codes or requirements.

B. Equipment Accessibility. The occupant shall provide suitable space for the installation of submetering equipment. All submeters shall be installed where they will be readily accessible for reading, testing, and inspection, and where these activities will cause minimum interference and inconvenience to the occupant.

C. Accessible to Owner. Access to submetering equipment shall be granted to the owner by the occupant.

D. Installation and Ownership. All submetering equipment shall be furnished and installed by the owner and shall be owned and maintained by the owner.

E. Responsibility for Maintenance. Maintenance, inspection, sealing, and testing of all submetering equipment shall be the responsibility of the owner.