.02 General Requirements.

A. All Units Submetered. A unit in an apartment house, shopping center, or office building may not be submetered unless all units in that building are submetered.

B. Information in Leases. All rental contracts or leases between the owner and an occupant shall clearly state that:

(1) The apartment house, office building, or shopping center is submetered;

(2) Bills for electric or gas consumption shall be rendered based on the submeter readings;

(3) Electricity or gas for all common areas and common facilities shall be the responsibility of the owner and not of the occupant; and

(4) A copy of the regulations governing submetering in apartment houses, office buildings, and shopping centers shall be provided to every occupant by the owner at no charge to the occupant.

C. Execution of Application. The owner may reserve the right to require the occupant, before any electricity or gas is delivered, to execute an application or agreement for the purchase of electricity or gas. The occupant, by accepting the electricity, agrees to be bound by the applicable terms and conditions.