.06 Compliance.

A. The Commission shall maintain on its website:

(1) A list of Companies participating in the Supplier Diversity Program;

(2) Copies of all public annual plan and annual report filings made by participating companies;

(3) Copies of all signed MOUs; and

(4) Copies of all agreed-to addenda.

B. An MOU may be terminated upon recommendation of staff, a participating company or the Commission for failure to:

(1) Submit an annual report or annual plan for 2 or more consecutive years;

(2) Provide source documents or data used to prepare the annual reports at the request of staff; or

(3) Comply with the terms of this subtitle or the participating company’s MOU.

C. If a participating company fails to submit reports, plans, or data as requested by staff or comply with the terms of this subtitle or its MOU, the sole remedy shall be that the Commission may terminate the MOU.

D. A participating company may be reinstated upon recommendation by staff and approval by the Commission.