.05 Report; Public Conference; Addenda.

A. Staff Report. Staff shall review a participating company’s annual report not more than 2 years after the annual report is filed. Staff may seek, pursuant to individual MOU and Commission statutory authority, source documents used to prepare the annual reports, while preserving the confidential and proprietary data. Upon completion of its review of participating companies’ annual reports, staff shall file a staff report of its findings.

B. Public Conference.

(1) The Commission shall hold a public conference each year for the purpose of reviewing the annual reports and annual plans received from participating companies.

(2) Within 60 days of the public conference, the Commission shall issue a public report with any findings from the public conference.

C. Addenda to an MOU.

(1) Either the Commission, a participating company or the staff may propose addenda to one, several, or all MOUs at any time prior to an annual public conference.

(2) Once proposed by any party, the Commission staff and any affected participating companies shall discuss the merits of the addenda and submit a written recommendation to the Commission.

(3) In a public determination prepared after an annual public conference, the Commission shall summarize and respond to any pending proposed addenda.

(4) Within 60 days after a public determination is issued, participating companies may submit a written response to any addenda proposed by the Commission, staff, or other participating company.

(5) No MOU amendment or other addendum to an MOU shall be of any force or effect unless it has been voluntarily accepted in writing by both an authorized representative of affected participating companies and by the Commission.

(6) All accepted addenda to an MOU shall be in effect at a time agreed upon by parties.

(7) The process in this section does not limit the Commission or any participating company’s ability to propose changes to an MOU at any time.