.03 Schedule of Fees.

A. Filing Fees. The Commission shall assess the following fees:

Service Fee
(1) Application for Authority to Provide Resold or Facilities-Based Local Exchange Service $2,000
(2) Application for Authority to Provide Resold or Facilities-Based Interexchange Telecommunications Service $2,000
(3) Application for a License to Supply Natural Gas or Natural Gas Supply Services $400
(4) Application for a License to Supply Electricity or Electric Generation Services $400
(5) Applications under Public Utilities Article, 7-207, Annotated Code of Maryland $10,000
(6) Applications under Public Utilities Article, 7-207.1, Annotated Code of Maryland, for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity $500
(7) Application for an Increase or Decrease in Rates under Public Utilities Article, 4-204 and 4-205, Annotated Code of Maryland
(a) Rate Cases
5,000 Customers or less
(b) Rate Cases
5,001 Customers or more
(8) Request for Waiver under Public Utilities Article, §§7-207.1 and 7-208, Annotated Code of Maryland $500
(9) Corporate Transactions (for example, notice of merger, abandonment, name change, corporate reorganization) $250
(10) Electric Utility Tariff Revisions $100
(11) Gas Utility Tariff Revisions $100
(12) Initial Tariff $500
(13) Interconnection Agreements
(a) Application for interconnection agreement—each party $375
(b) Interconnection agreement amendment, modification, or change—each party $50
(14) Telecommunications Tariff Revisions $100

B. Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees.

(1) The Commission shall publish and revise, as necessary, a schedule of reasonable fees for:

(a) Copying and certifying copies of records;

(b) The issuance of a subpoena;

(c) A copy of the Commission's statute; and

(d) A copy of the Commission's annual report.

(2) The schedule of fees under this section shall be based on the actual cost of:

(a) Reproduction, including costs for staff time and equipment use; or

(b) Printing the Commission's statute or annual report.

(3) A charge under this section may not be assessed if the total amount of the fee is $1 or less.

(4) If the custodian is unable to copy a record within the Commission, the custodian shall make arrangements for the reproduction of the record at facilities outside the Commission. The custodian shall either collect from the applicant a fee to cover the actual cost of reproduction under this subsection or direct the applicant to pay the cost of reproduction directly to the facility making the copy.

(5) Fees for Time.

(a) The official custodian may charge reasonable fees for Commission time in excess of 2 hours expended:

(i) Searching for requested records; or

(ii) Preparing records for inspection and copying.

(b) The official custodian may not charge a search or preparation fee for the first 2 hours of Commission time needed to respond to a request for information.

(6) If the official custodian determines that a request for waiver or reduction of a fee is in the public interest, the official custodian may waive or reduce any fee under §B of this regulation. In making a decision under this subsection, the official custodian shall consider, among other relevant factors, the ability of the applicant to pay the cost or fee.

(7) If the applicant requests that copies be mailed or delivered to the applicant, the official custodian may charge the applicant for the cost of postage or delivery to the applicant.