.06 Applications by Municipalities for Authority to Operate Gas or Electrical Works.

All applications of municipalities, except the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, under Public Utilities Article, §7-210, Annotated Code of Maryland, for authority to build, maintain, and operate, for other than municipal purposes, any works or systems for the manufacture and supplying of gas or electricity for lighting purposes, shall:

A. Give the name and location of the principal office of all gas and electric corporations doing business within the municipality;

B. Give the names of the executive officers of each gas or electric corporation;

C. Give a general statement of the amount and character of services rendered within the municipality by each gas or electric corporation in the municipality;

D. Give a statement showing by what authority the municipality has the right to build the proposed work or system upon receiving a certificate of authority from the Commission;

E. Give a description of the works or system proposed to be constructed;

F. Give the manner in which the municipality proposes to pay for or finance the construction of the proposed works or system; and

G. Comply with Regulations .02 and .03 of this chapter so far as they may be applicable and appropriate to the purposes of the application.