.01 Financial Condition Defined.

Whenever a corporation subject to the Public Utilities Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, is required or called upon to disclose its financial condition, whether under this subtitle or otherwise, the information shall be given, as far as practicable, in appropriate schedules, which shall show the following:

A. Amount and classes of stock authorized;

B. Amount and classes of stock issued;

C. Terms of preference of all preferred stock;

D. Brief description of each mortgage upon any property of the corporation, giving the date of execution, name of the trustee, amount of indebtedness authorized to be secured by the mortgage, amount of indebtedness actually secured, and brief description of the mortgaged property or collateral;

E. Number and amount of bonds authorized and issued under each mortgage, describing each class separately, giving date of issue, par value, rate of interest, date of maturity, and how secured;

F. Other indebtedness of all kinds, giving them by classes and describing security, if any;

G. Amount of interest paid during the previous fiscal year upon each species of indebtedness and the rate of interest, and if different rates were paid, the amount paid at each rate;

H. Amount of dividends paid upon each class of stock during the previous fiscal year and the rate;

I. Detailed statement of earnings and expenditures for the previous fiscal year and balance sheet showing the condition at the close of the year.