.03 Complaint Procedures.

A. When a complaint is received, the Commission may:

(1) Conduct an ex parte investigation;

(2) Issue a satisfy or answer order to the public service company complained of, in a manner prescribed by the Commission; or

(3) Dismiss the complaint if it fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

B. If the Commission issues a satisfy or answer order, the public service company shall respond within 20 days or a time period prescribed by the Commission.

C. A public service company shall promptly notify the Commission if it satisfies a complaint before the time allowed in a satisfy or answer order.

D. After investigation or expiration of the time allowed for satisfaction or answer, the Commission may:

(1) Determine whether relief should be granted based on the information submitted by the complainant and the public service company; or

(2) Conduct hearings as necessary.