.09 Investigations on the Commission's Own Motion.

A. In every case in which the Commission is authorized by the Public Utilities Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, to make investigations on its own motion, it may, if it deems proper, conduct its investigations ex parte and without notice to the person or persons concerned.

B. If the Commission conducts an ex parte investigation, before passing any final order the Commission shall formulate a complaint, setting forth fully and clearly the acts, omissions, or matters which are the subject of the investigation, and shall pass an order directed to the person or persons investigated requiring that the complaint be satisfied or answered within 20 days from the service of the complaint and order or within such less time as the Commission may prescribe.

C. The complaint and order shall be served on the person or persons complained of in any manner authorized by law, and thereafter the proceedings shall go forward as set forth in COMAR 20.07.03, so far as the provisions of COMAR 20.07.03 apply.