.08 Rehearings.

A. Applications for reopening a cause after final submission, or for rehearing after final order, shall be made by petition in writing, stating specifically the grounds upon which the application is based.

B. If the application is to reopen the cause for further evidence, the nature and purpose of the evidence shall be stated, and may not be merely cumulative.

C. If the application is for a rehearing, the petition shall specify the findings of fact or of law claimed to be erroneous, together with a brief statement of the ground of the alleged error.

D. A petition seeking to reverse or modify a decision, order, or requirement of the Commission shall:

(1) Fully set forth the facts, circumstances, and consequences relied upon; and

(2) Allege:

(a) The facts and circumstances which have arisen after the hearing or order which justify the reversal or modification; or

(b) The consequences resulting from compliance with the decision, order, or requirement which justify or entitle the applicant to the reversal or modification.