.06 Practice on Receiving Petitions.

A. On receiving a petition, application, or complaint in writing, the Commission will refer it to the Secretary for examination. If it is found to conform to these regulations and all statutory provisions, the Secretary shall report that fact to the Commission. If it does not so conform, he shall advise the applicant of the defects, which may then be corrected.

B. When the papers and any accompanying exhibits are in proper form, a time and place for a hearing on them may be appointed. The Commission will, in each case, direct what notice of a hearing shall be given, whether by publication or otherwise, and to whom.

C. The applicant shall furnish at its expense, for the use of the Commission in determining the application, the originals of all books, papers, and documents which it may require, or certified or verified copies of them. The failure to do so shall be ground for refusing the application.