.14 Dairy Products.

A. The following substances may not be administered to dairy animals managed organically:

(1) Antibiotics, within 90 days before organic milk production; and

(2) Biotech milk enhancers, including BST.

B. Organic animal products produced from dairy animals shall meet the following criteria:

(1) If replacement stock is obtained from organically certified stock and managed in accordance with the organic farm plan, the dairy product is immediately usable in organic production;

(2) If replacement stock is not from certified organic stock, the organic animal producer may sell from the next lactation as an organic product if the producer manages the new stock under organic standards for the remainder of the current lactation and during the next dry period; and

(3) If heifers, dry cows, goats, and milk-sheep are not organically certified stock when brought to the organic farm, they shall be managed organically for 112 days from their arrival on the farm before their milk may be sold as an organic product.