.10 Living Conditions.

A. An organic livestock producer shall establish and maintain livestock living conditions in a manner that promotes the health and natural behavior of the animal.

B. An animal shall be provided access to shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air, and direct sunlight suitable to the species, its stage of production, the climate, and the environment.

C. A ruminant shall be provided access to pasture.

D. Bedding shall:

(1) Be clean and dry; and

(2) If typically consumed by the animal species, comply with Regulation .07 of this chapter.

E. Shelter shall be designed to allow for:

(1) Natural maintenance, comfort behaviors, and opportunities to exercise;

(2) Reduction of potential for livestock injury; and

(3) Temperature, ventilation, and air circulation suitable to the species.

F. An organic animal producer may provide temporary confinement for an animal to protect:

(1) Against the potential for injury to livestock;

(2) Against inclement weather;

(3) The animal in a vulnerable stage of production or development;

(4) The animal from conditions in which the health, safety, or well-being of the animal could be jeopardized; or

(5) Soil or water quality.