.07 Feed.

A. All certified organically produced livestock shall be fed 100 percent certified organic feed and approved feed supplements and additives, as defined in this regulation.

B. The following feed supplements and additives are approved for addition to organic feed, and may be from any source, provided the additive or its components are not prohibited under any other chapter of the organic program regulations:

(1) Amino acids (chelated or nonchelated);

(2) Enzymes;

(3) Fish meal, crab meal, and fish and crab byproducts;

(4) Mineral oil;

(5) Minerals;

(6) Salt; and

(7) Vitamins.

C. The following additives are prohibited from addition to organic feed:

(1) Animal drugs, including hormones, to promote growth;

(2) Feed supplements or additives in amounts above those needed for adequate nutrition and health maintenance for the species at its specific stage of life;

(3) Formulas containing urea or manure;

(4) Mammalian or poultry slaughter byproducts to mammals or poultry; and

(5) Plastic pellets for roughage.

D. The use of feed, feed supplements, or feed additives in violation of the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, is prohibited.

E. An organic animal producer shall use feed, feed supplements, and feed additives in accordance with the Maryland Commercial Feed Law, as provided under Agriculture Article, §§6-101—6-117, Annotated Code of Maryland.