.06 Record Keeping.

A. Organic livestock producers shall ear tag or otherwise individually identify organic livestock, with the exception of poultry and aquaculture, which may be identified by flock and school, respectively.

B. Organic livestock producers shall maintain the following records from birth or purchase of livestock animals, and for 5 years after the sale of the organic animal products or slaughter of organic livestock:

(1) All disease and pest management materials administered, including:

(a) Animal identification;

(b) Dates of administration;

(c) Types of materials;

(d) Dosages given; and

(e) Sources of materials;

(2) All purchased feeds, including:

(a) Dates purchased;

(b) Types of feed;

(c) Quantities purchased;

(d) Sources of feed; and

(e) Copies of organic certificates of feed suppliers;

(3) All sales records of organic animal products sold, including:

(a) Dates;

(b) Quantities; and

(c) Weights.