.04 Organic Farm Plan.

A. A certified organic animal producer shall follow COMAR 15.22.02 in the development and the use of a farm plan for producing products under a system of organic management.

B. The plan shall address the following:

(1) Feed sources;

(2) Nutrient management;

(3) Animal health;

(4) Animal management;

(5) Animal identification;

(6) Shelter;

(7) Living conditions;

(8) Records;

(9) Disease prevention and treatment; and

(10) Parasite prevention and control.

C. A licensed veterinarian shall recommend disease and parasite prevention, treatment, and control programs within the context of a valid veterinarian-client relationship.

D. Sections A—C of this regulation, including the labeling provisions of Regulation .14 of this chapter, apply to farms in a transition period to becoming organically certified for livestock production.

E. If the farm is a split operation:

(1) There shall be functionally separate and observable differences between the certified organic and conventional sections; and

(2) Each section of the split operation shall be described in the farm plan.