.06 Organic Farm Plan.

The producer-applicant shall ensure that the organic farm plan contains all of the following information:

A. The farm size, number of farm units, and farm equipment available;

B. A map showing details of:

(1) The location of each farm unit, and

(2) Any road, farm lane, building, or other crop near each farm unit;

C. For each farm unit, the means by which soil fertility is to be fostered, including a 3-year or longer rotation and nutrient stabilization plan, the terms and conditions under which manure is to be applied to crops, and other plans and methods the producer shall implement in order to be in compliance with Regulations .03 and .04 of COMAR 15.22.02;

D. 1-year, unit-by-unit crop and pest control plans for each farm area of the farm not under organic management but that is adjacent to an organically managed farm unit;

E. Intended changes or improvements in farm management;

F. A description of the required 25-foot buffer zone separating land managed organically from other land as required under COMAR;

G. A description of facilities and methods that will be used to keep farm equipment from contaminating organically managed fields, with substances prohibited by this subtitle;

H. A description of facilities and methods that will be used to store and handle prohibited materials separately from permitted or restricted materials;

I. A description of facilities and methods that will be used to prevent contamination or commingling of organic with nonorganic products while growing, harvesting, or packing products;

J. Results of soil, nutritional, and residue analyses required for a permit;

K. The practices and substances the producer shall use to control pests;

L. The proposed irrigation plan, if applicable, including an analysis of water quality and soil salinization;

M. The source of seeds and plant materials; and

N. For wild crops that are to be harvested and marketed under the provisions of this subtitle:

(1) Designate the area from which the wild crop will be gathered or harvested,

(2) Include a 3-year history of the management of the area, showing that no substance prohibited by this subtitle has been applied,

(3) Include a plan for the harvesting or gathering of the wild crops, assuring that this harvesting or gathering will not be destructive to the environment and will sustain the growth and production of the wild crop, and

(4) Include provisions that a substance prohibited by this subtitle may not be applied by the producer.