.07 Tillage and Weed Control.

A. A producer may use, subject to applicable label instructions:

(1) Timely mechanical or hand cultivation;

(2) Crop rotations and use of smother crops;

(3) Mowing;

(4) Mulches (organic);

(5) Practices that prevent introduction of weed seeds into fields, such as mowing borders, cleaning equipment, and use of weed-free inputs;

(6) Companion cropping or intercropping;

(7) Electrical or flame weeding equipment;

(8) Grazing;

(9) Row covers;

(10) Isolation techniques;

(11) Biological agents or predators;

(12) Cover cropping;

(13) Soap-based herbicides; or

(14) Control of Maryland designated noxious weeds, as required by Agriculture Article, Title 9, Subtitle 4, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. If justified and approved by the Department as part of the farm plan, a producer may use:

(1) Film mulches, provided these mulches after use are properly disposed of or held for recycling;

(2) Mulches made of newspapers; or

(3) A living or natural mulch.

C. A producer may not use:

(1) Synthetic herbicides or growth regulators; or

(2) Micronutrients at levels which cause significant adverse effects to plants.