.04 Soil Amendments and Fertilizers.

A. A producer may use any of the substances or practices in §B of this regulation.

B. A producer shall follow label instructions, when applicable, when using the following substances:

(1) Adjuvants and wetting agents (organic);

(2) Animal manures;

(3) Biodynamic preparations;

(4) Blood meal;

(5) Bone meal;

(6) Boron/borax;

(7) Chelates and fritted trace elements;

(8) Composts;

(9) Diatomaceous earth;

(10) Dolomite;

(11) Epsom salts;

(12) Fallowing;

(13) Fish emulsion;

(14) Fish meal;

(15) Gibberellic acid and other naturally occurring growth regulators;

(16) Green manures;

(17) Greensand;

(18) Ground oyster, clam, lobster, crab shells;

(19) Gypsum;

(20) Hoof and horn meal (low lead);

(21) Kelp or seaweed meals, extracts, and algae;

(22) Legumes as cover crops;

(23) Limestone;

(24) Microbial compost or soil inoculants;

(25) Micronutrients (dry and foliar);

(26) Molybdenum (various);

(27) Mulches;

(28) Peat moss;

(29) Perlite;

(30) Potassium sulfate;

(31) Rock or colloidal phosphate (low heavy metals);

(32) Sawdust;

(33) Sulfate of iron, manganese, and molybdenum;

(34) Sulfate of zinc, boron, copper;

(35) Sulfur (elemental);

(36) Sul po mag (langbeinite);

(37) Vermiculite;

(38) Wood ashes;

(39) Worm castings; or

(40) Any other substance or practice approved by the Department.

C. A producer may not apply any allowed soil amendment or fertilizer at a rate that exceeds that recommended by an agency or a laboratory approved by the Department.

D. A producer shall forward to the Department the label and any other instructions for any product approved by the Department but not listed in this regulation.