.09 Departmental Review.

A. The Department shall schedule site inspections and records reviews on at least 10 percent of all traded credits annually.

B. The Department shall assign an approved verifier who:

(1) Meets qualifications provided in Regulation .10 of this chapter; does not hold an interest in the agricultural operation generating certified credits;

(2) Does not hold an interest in the agricultural operation generating certified credits; and

(3) Is not the same individual who conducted either the assessment or verification of the operation at the time of application.

C. Verifiers assigned by the Department to conduct interim inspections and reviews shall:

(1) Contact the operator in advance of the inspection to make an appointment so the operator or his representative can be present and have records available for the review;

(2) Present a photo identification at the time of the inspection as proof of credentials; and

(3) Adhere to all biosecurity and other measures necessary to protect health and safety at the operation.

D. An owner or operator and all other affected parties shall receive a copy of the report prepared by the verifier conducting the inspection and review of the records within 30 days of the site visit;

E. An owner or operator may dispute information in the report that the operator believes is in error or does not accurately represent the condition or management of the operation and may address these concerns in writing with the Department and copy the verifier within 30 days of receiving a copy of the report.

F. The Department may conduct an investigation that may include additional inspections to determine the actual condition and management of the operation.