.08 Record-Keeping and Reporting Requirements.

A. A person who manages an operation certified under the Program shall submit annually to the Department on or before March 1, information for the previous calendar year, as follows:

(1) A Department reporting form that includes the personís signed certification that the operation has been managed in accordance with the Certainty agreement and will continue to be so managed during the upcoming calendar year;

(2) Current NMP records including soil analysis within the last 3 years for land receiving nutrients, fertility recommendations for crops produced, nutrients applied by source and crop type, and a map identifying the location and boundaries of the operation showing field identification numbers and location of BMPs; and

(3) SCWQP records related to implementation of any additional BMPs during the reporting period.

B. A person who operates an operation certified under the Program shall keep the following records:

(1) All NMPs and records used to manage soil fertility during the certification period and for 3 years following the termination of any certification; and

(2) The SCWQP for the operation and any updates, information, or documentation that addresses plan implementation or installation of additional BMPs during the certification period and for 3 years following the termination of any certification.

C. Public Access to Program Information.

(1) As required by law all records concerning any agricultural operation shall be maintained by the Department and shall be made available for public review, in a manner that provides the greatest public disclosure of records and information, after the Department redacts records to protect the identity of the person to whom the record or information relates.

(2) The Maryland Public Information Act applies to any request for records.

D. Annual Reporting.

(1) The Department shall submit an annual report to the Governor, the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, and the House Environmental Matters Committee on or before December 31, beginning in 2014.

(2) The annual report shall include:

(a) Acres of agricultural land certified under the program and presented by county and watershed at a scale consistent with that applied by the MNTT;

(b) Presentation of information to protect the identity of the certified agricultural operator in accordance with the requirements of the law; and

(c) Recommendations of the Oversight Committee.