.07 Verifier Certification Program.

A. An individual may not be certified or act as a certified verifier as provided by this chapter unless the individual meets the following requirements to be established by the Department:

(1) Education and experience;

(2) Training; and

(3) Continuing education.

B. The Department may certify a verifier who meets the following eligibility requirements:

(1) Has 3 or more years experience developing SCWQPs or qualifies as a U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Conservation Planner level II;

(2) Is certified in Maryland to prepare NMPs; and

(3) Is certified in the use of the MNTT.

C. A verifier may remain certified only by completing at least 6 hours of Department approved training within the first year, and 12 hours thereafter for each 3-year certification period, as well as completing a training session on the use of any modified version of the MNTT within 6 months of the modification.