.07 Business Licenses.

A. Each location that employs a person who is paid to fertilize turf shall have a license as provided under §B of this regulation.

B. An applicant for license or renewal of a business license shall:

(1) Apply to the Department on a departmental form;

(2) Designate an employee who is a certified professional fertilizer applicator; and

(3) Pay a $50 fee.

C. Vehicle Identification Requirement. If the business provides turf fertilization services for hire, the business license number, preceded by the letters “MDA,” shall appear on any service vehicle used on a job site.

D. Duration and Renewal.

(1) A license is valid beginning July 1, or whenever obtained, to June 30 of the following June 30.

(2) If an application for renewal of a business license is received by the Department more than 30 days after the expiration date of the license, the applicant is subject to a $30 late fee.

(3) Renewals may be issued to licensees provided they have a record of compliance with the requirements of this chapter and continue to employ at least one certified professional fertilizer applicator.

E. Each licensee shall immediately notify the Department in writing if there is a change in business ownership, name, address, phone number, or certified professional fertilizer applicator.