.05 Record-Keeping and Reporting Requirements.

A person who for-hire applies nutrients to agricultural land shall:

A. Keep records when applying nutrients, to document that the applicator is:

(1) Certified by the Department as a nutrient management consultant;

(2) Certified as a nutrient management consultant by an entity with a reciprocal certification program with the Department; or

(3) Supervised by a person complying with requirements in §A(1)(a) or (b) of this regulation.

B. Make and keep for at least 3 years a record in a form approved by the Department that includes:

(1) The type and amount of nutrients applied to the plants or to the land;

(2) The crop acreage receiving a nutrient application;

(3) The location of the nutrient application;

(4) The timing of the application or applications; and

(5) An analysis of the nutrient content of any fertilizer applied to the plants, the land, or the crop acreage.

C. Make available for inspection, at the Department's request, the records required by §A(1) and (2) of this regulation.