.06 Cost-Share Program — Manure Broker Participation.

A. A manure broker participating in the project shall:

(1) Obtain manure only from an eligible producer; and

(2) Except as provided under §B of this regulation, directly transport the manure only to an eligible receiver.

B. A manure broker has the option of stockpiling or storing manure if the broker:

(1) Stockpiles or stores manure in a manner, approved by the Department, that protects the manure from rainfall, runoff, or leaching;

(2) Provides a delivery site for off-loading manure that does not pose any undue environmental risk to water quality, as determined by the Department;

(3) Transports stockpiled manure only to an eligible receiver;

(4) Maintains for a minimum of 3 years inventory records which show the:

(a) Name of the producer and the amount of manure obtained from that producer,

(b) Name of the manure receiver and the amount of manure transported to that receiver, and

(c) Amount of manure stored or stockpiled;

(5) Allows the Department to review inventory records during normal business hours;

(6) When combining, mixing, or blending manure from more than one producer:

(a) Collects a representative sample from the combined, mixed, or blended manure, and

(b) Obtains a new nutrient analysis for this manure as directed by the Department, before and as close as possible to the date the manure is transported to a receiver;

(7) Provides proof of compliance and evidence that all applicable permits or approvals to operate a facility to store or stockpile manure have been obtained; and

(8) Obtains a performance bond or other security, as provided under Regulation .08 of this chapter.