.04 Cost-Share Rate.

A. Expenses eligible for State cost-share for an applicant shall be established by the Department based on the following:

(1) Either mileage or distance, or both, of manure transported;

(2) Amount of manure transported;

(3) Mode of transportation;

(4) Cost of analyzing manure before transporting;

(5) Cost of loading manure on transportation equipment;

(6) Cost of hauling manure from a producing or storage area to a receiving area; and

(7) Amount of matching cost-share funds to transport poultry litter provided by a commercial poultry producer for eligible costs, and the State’s share as determined by the Department. The Department will consider factors including but not limited to the following when establishing the match:

(a) The amount of funds a commercial poultry producer has committed to provide during the fiscal year;

(b) The amount of current fiscal year funds from the commercial poultry producer as yet to be committed or available for use by a poultry litter producer;

(c) The amount of State funds available for the project; and

(d) Poultry litter producer demand for project funds.

B. The Department may provide additional cost-share funds for the transport of poultry litter from Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, or Worcester counties to other areas of the State or for alternative uses other than direct land application in these counties, subject to §C of this regulation.

C. The maximum amount of eligible cost-share for transportation of poultry litter under this chapter is the total of eligible expenses.

D. The maximum amount of cost-share under this chapter for the transport of animal manure other than poultry litter is up to 87.5 percent of eligible expenses.

E. The Department may not provide cost-share for any repeated transportation of the same manure, unless a participant can successfully demonstrate to the Department that the transportation is:

(1) To or from a staging area or centralized collection facility; and

(2) Cost effective.

F. If a manure broker stockpiles or stores manure, the broker may apply for cost-share funds for transporting the manure. However, the manure broker is eligible only to receive payment for the mileage directly from the producer to the receiver.