.02 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) “Alternative uses” means when a person uses litter or other animal manure in environmentally acceptable ways, as determined by the Department, other than by direct land application in an unprocessed form.

(2) "Commercial poultry producer" means an entity that contracts with a farmer to raise poultry for the producer on property owned or leased by the farmer.

(3) "Cost-share" means a grant from the Department for the purpose of handling and transporting manure from a farm in any area of the State that the Department determines is subject to phosphorus overenrichment.

(4) "Department" means the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

(5) "Eligible cost" means a cost that the Department determines is necessary for the transport and handling of manure.

(6) "Fertility index value" means an index used to describe the relative availability of a nutrient to a plant or crop.

(7) "Manure" means the fecal and urinary excretion of poultry and livestock, including poultry litter and materials used as bedding.

(8) “Manure broker” or “broker” means a person approved by the Department who moves, arranges, or otherwise acts as the intermediary in the movement of manure from an eligible producer to a person meeting the eligibility requirements to receive manure provided in this chapter.

(9) “Nutrient management plan” means a plan prepared by a certified nutrient management consultant or certified farm operator to manage the amount, placement, timing, and application of animal manure, fertilizer, biosolids, or other plant nutrients in order to:

(a) Minimize nutrient loss or runoff; and

(b) Maintain the productivity of soil when growing agricultural products.

(10) “Phosphorus overenriched soil” means soil that tests with a FIV value of 150 or greater and posing a water quality risk as determined by the Department.

(11) "Pooling agreement" means a written agreement between persons, approved by the Department, to:

(a) Facilitate the transport of poultry and livestock manure under the project; and

(b) Meet the requirements of the project.

(12) "Poultry litter producer" means a person who:

(a) Is under contract with a commercial poultry producer; and

(b) Generates litter from poultry.

(13) "Producer" means a person who generates manure from animal production.

(14) "Project" means the Manure Transportation Project.

(15) "Soil having the capacity to hold additional phosphorus" means, as determined by the Department, the capability of soil to tie up or retain increased amounts of phosphorus without release or movement from the soil or soil medium into the waters of the State.

(16) “Stackable manure” or “stacked manure” means manure having less than an average of 60 percent moisture or less and having physical properties to be unloaded and arranged into a stable pile.