.12 Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Certificate or License.

After the opportunity for a hearing, the Department may deny, suspend, or revoke the certification or license of any person who violates any of the regulatory requirements of this chapter, including:

A. Providing misleading, false, or fraudulent information in applying for a certificate or license;

B. Providing the Department with any misleading, false, or fraudulent report;

C. Offering or preparing a certified nutrient management plan as provided by this chapter without a certificate and license;

D. Offering or preparing a nutrient management plan that does not comply with the requirements of COMAR 15.20.08;

E. Failing to have a minimum of one certified nutrient management consultant working under a license;

F. Failing to promptly provide any report or to allow the Department access to inspect any record required to be kept by this chapter;

G. Failing to meet continuing education requirements.