.04 Certification Application and Examination Requirement.

A. To apply for the examination to be certified as a nutrient management consultant, an applicant shall file the following with the Department at least 15 days before any announced examination:

(1) An application on the form the Department requires;

(2) Proof of meeting one of the following:

(a) A school-authenticated college degree in an agriculturally related area, and 1 year of practical experience acceptable to the Department in nutrient management planning, or

(b) A combination of education and practical experience related to nutrient management planning which is acceptable to the Department; and

(3) Except for a government agency, the applicable certification fee by check or money order.

B. To apply for the farm operator certification, a person shall:

(1) File the required application forms with the Department; and

(2) Pay the applicable fees by check or money order.

C. Unless timely filed and complete, an application may be denied.