.08 Agency Approval of a Plan.

A. In this regulation, "plan" means a construction or reconstruction plan, or operation and maintenance plan, or both, as appropriate.

B. Plan Submission.

(1) Within 14 days of receiving a project plan, the Secretary of Agriculture shall forward a copy to the Secretaries of Natural Resources and the Environment.

(2) The Departments of Natural Resources and the Environment shall have 60 calendar days from receipt to review a plan and respond in writing to the Secretary.

(3) The Secretary shall review the comments from the Departments of the Environment and Natural Resources. If there is any significant disagreement among the three Departments concerning the plan, the Secretary shall schedule a meeting between the Departments to resolve any disagreement.

C. Plan Approval. The Secretary shall make the final determination whether to approve a plan. The Secretary shall respond to the association within 30 days from receipt of comments from the Departments of Natural Resources and the Environment and either:

(1) Approve the plan;

(2) Approve the plan with modification;

(3) Approve the plan conditioned upon the formation of the association;

(a) Conditional approval may be issued for plans submitted by the county before an association is legally established,

(b) Final approval shall be given only when the Secretary is furnished a letter from the county government stating that it has approved the plan and established the association,

(c) Any changes in the plan by a county shall be submitted to the Secretary, who shall forward copies to the Secretaries of the Departments of Natural Resources and the Environment for review;

(4) Disapprove the plan; or

(5) Extend the Secretary's review period.